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Our goal is to ensure that all of your insurance needs, are covered by us. Below you will find all the cover options that we have available for you. 

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Homeowners / Insurance Cover

Also known as building insurance. It is a policy which specifically covers the building structure of a home against accidental loss or damage caused by fire, theft or natural disasters like floods.

Household Contents Insurance Cover

Covers everything in your house against theft, fire, malicious or weather damages (storms, flooding, lightning).

Contents insurance covers the financial cost of repairing or replacing your household personal possessions and furnishings, such as curtains, furniture, white goods, stereo, TV, computers and other electrical appliances, clothing, jewellery, sporting equipment and even toys.

Specified All Risks Insurance Cover

It is important to have valuation certificates for these items, to prove that they are the property of the insured as well as to prove the value in the event of a claim” to “It is important to have valuation certificates for these items, to prove their value in the event of a claim.

Unspecified All Risk Insurance Cover

Under this type of cover you can insure items which normally leave the house with you against an unforeseen event, without having to state each and every item. There is usually a monetary limit for any one article under this section which will be stated by the insurer. If one item included in this section exceeds the limit stated by the insurer, it must be specified.

Motor Vehicle Insurance Cover

You need to have motor insurance before you can drive your vehicle in a public place. It protects you, your vehicle and other motorists against liability in case there is an accident. It provides financial compensation to cover any injuries caused to people or their property.

You can add on vehicle car hire under this policy.

There are various value-added products that can be added onto this insurance. If the vehicle is financed, then credit shortfall / top up / gap cover should be selected. Credit shortfall insurance, or gap insurance, covers the difference between the amount your vehicle is insured for and how much you still owe on it to the finance house.

There are also these covers available; Scratch and dent, interior damage, tyre warranty, excess protector, extended motor warranty, motor service and maintenance plan.

Motorcycle / Motorbike Insurance Cover

Covers you for accident damage, theft and hi-jacking, and for your liability to other parties following a motorbike accident.

There are various value-added products that can be added onto this insurance. If the motorcycle is financed, then credit shortfall / top up/gap cover should be selected. Credit shortfall insurance, or gap insurance, covers the difference between the amount your motorcycle is insured for and how much you still owe on it to the finance house.

Boats up to R70 000 Insurance Cover

Insurance for boats up to the value of R70 000 that can be taken out as an added product on top of other insurance or as a stand-alone product. 

Personal Liability Insurance Cover

Provides cover for bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you or your family members are legally responsible.

Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Personal accident insurance is designed to provide financial help if you have become disabled, hospitalised, injured or in the event of your death from an accident. The amount paid is set out in the policy document and depends on the length of hospitalisation, the severity of the disablement or your death.

Caravan/Trailer Insurance Cover

Insurance that covers caravans and trailers. This insurance does not include contents cover. Caravan/Trailer contents should be insured under the All Risks section as separate specified items. 

Provides special risk cover to all individuals and businesses that own assets in South Africa. It covers civil commotion, riot, strike, lockout, public disorder, rebellion and revolution and terrorism.

This is cyber Insurance for individuals to protect themselves against cybercrime.

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