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Professional Indemnity Insurance can help cover Fitness Professional such as Personal Trainers, Pilates Instructors, Group Trainers, Yoga Instructors and their business if a client suffers an injury or financial loss as a result of the trainer’s negligent advice or service. 

Without Professional Indemnity Insurance, a personal trainer could be liable for an associated legal fees claim and/or compensation payments.



If a client picks up any injury whilst training under your supervision and wishes to claim against the damage caused. You will also be covered if a client injures themselves at your premises.


If you do not perform adequate health assessments for your clients and they end up with an emergency medical situation.


If you fail to provide a safe training environment, safety check your clients and equipment, or if an unexpected medical/injury situation occurs to one of your clients whilst under your supervision.


If you are found to be at fault for an injury, or medical situation that occurs with your client. We are your insurer will be able to cover any claims that are made against you. Saving yours, and your businesses future.


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What you need to know

Learn more about why professional indemnity is an important insurance policy to have.


A fitness professional insurance policy arranged by Insure Safe Advisors can cover you South Africa wide.

Fitness professionals can also train at a variety of venues as part of their insurance policy arranged by Insure Safe Advisors, including indoor gyms, outdoor at parks or hired community halls or at a client’s home.

Small business owners, including specialised fitness professionals, owe a “duty of care” to their clients to ensure reasonable steps are put in place for their safety and, additionally, for the safety of other third parties. As negligence lawsuits can be unpredictable and very costly, public liability insurance can be a solution to help cover the cost of compensation for third-party injury or property damage and legal fees incurred in defending the claim.

As a fitness professional, there are several situations that might put you at risk of a professional indemnity claim, such as:

  • Failing to take a client’s medical history or conduct a sound health assessment
  • Inadequate supervision during a client session
  • Failing to take adequate measures to prevent injury
  • Pushing clients beyond their capacity
  • Failing to warn clients of the potential dangers of certain exercises
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